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Fixed Indexed Annuities

Get 100% protection1 for your purchase payment against market downturns along with an opportunity to grow your retirement savings and, if you choose, a stream of guaranteed lifetime income from ReadyPaySM, an optional Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit (GLWB) rider.2

Brighthouse SecureKey with ReadyPay provides multiple benefits
that can help you meet future income needs.
Safety from market loss
Safety from market loss

With 100% guaranteed protection,1 you can be confident that your original purchase payment is safe, no matter how the markets behave.

Potential for growth
Potential for growth

Help meet future retirement needs with the opportunity for growth based on the performance of selected Indexed Accounts or a Fixed Account.3

Income for life
Income for life

Brighthouse SecureKey features ReadyPay, an optional living benefit rider that can provide a reliable stream of guaranteed lifetime income to supplement other retirement sources.4

How It Works

A financial product that can provide multiple benefits
Offering safety, potential for growth, and guaranteed lifetime income, a SecureKey annuity is a portfolio addition that features multiple benefits, including:

1. Safety with index-linked growth opportunities
SecureKey annuities offer the opportunity for growth by tracking the perfomance of well-known market indices while ensuring your purchase payment is 100% protected1 against market downturns.

2. Source of retirement income

Add a measure of security to your retirement with ReadyPay, an optional Guaranteed Lifetime Withdrawal Benefit rider that provides a reliable stream of guaranteed lifetime income.

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Take the Next Step

Talk to your financial professional to find out if a Brighthouse SecureKey Fixed Indexed Annuity is right for a portion of your portfolio and to learn more about purchasing this product.

Here are some questions to help you start the conversation:

  1. Does a Brighthouse SecureKey Fixed Indexed Annuity with ReadyPay fit my needs?

  2. Would this product fit my needs even if I don’t elect to add the GLWB rider?

  3. What if I need to withdraw money before I can begin taking income?

  4. How much of my retirement portfolio should I invest in a SecureKey annuity?

  5. How have the indices that this product tracks performed in the past?

Use this Product Brochure to help prepare for the conversation with your financial professional.

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This Brighthouse Financial product can only be purchased through a licensed financial professional.

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