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Guaranteed Income Builder


Could you benefit from reliable, pension-like income as you move into and through your retirement years?

A deferred income annuity, like the Brighthouse Guaranteed Income Builder,SM may be a good way for you to secure future guaranteed, lifetime income1 that can be used to supplement your other retirement income sources.

Find out how Guaranteed Income Builder offers a clear view of your retirement future.

Future Income Complete your retirement picture with guaranteed income.


Income for Life + Living + You

Income Certainty

Know What to Expect
Future income payments are based on how long you wait between the time you purchase the Guaranteed Income Builder and the time you take the income, as well as your age and your purchase payments.

Tailor Your Income

Customize as Your Needs Change
You can fund your annuity all at once, or gradually over time. You can also make certain changes, like moving your income start date or getting some or all of your money back if you don’t want lifetime income payments.²

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