Brighthouse Financial History

Our company is deeply rooted in our mission of helping people achieve financial security.

  • Brighthouse Financial is included on the FORTUNE® 500 list for the first time, ranking number 342.
  • Brighthouse Foundation launches, offering financial support to non-profit organizations that work to improve the lives of people in each of our communities.
  • Brighthouse Financial, Inc. begins trading on Nasdaq under the symbol “BHF”.
  • Brighthouse Financial completes its separation from MetLife, Inc. and becomes an independent company with operations headquartered in Charlotte, NC. Through its insurance company subsidiaries, Brighthouse Financial is licensed to issue life insurance and annuity products in all 50 states.
  • First commercial airs for the newly launched Brighthouse Financial brand.
  • MetLife, Inc. announces its plans to separate a substantial portion of its U.S. Retail business. As a separate entity, the new company will specialize in a streamlined suite of products that is better positioned to deliver value to customers.
  • Through a series of mergers, MetLife Insurance Company USA is formed as an insurance company, which includes MICC, MetLife Investors Insurance Company and MetLife Investors USA Insurance Company. Today, MetLife Insurance Company USA is Brighthouse Life Insurance Company, licensed in 49 states.
  • MetLife, Inc.’s U.S. Retail business relocates its primary business operations to Charlotte, NC.
  • MetLife, Inc. acquires Travelers Life Insurance Company and Travelers Life & Annuity Company which are later consolidated as MetLife Insurance Company of Connecticut (MICC).
  • MetLife, Inc. launches a third-party distribution model that is still used by the Brighthouse Financial insurance companies today. Visit FAQs to learn more about our former affiliation with MetLife, Inc.
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company acquires annuity manufacturer Security First Group, Inc. The acquired insurance companies are later renamed MetLife Investors Insurance Company and MetLife Investors USA Insurance Company (in New York, it is renamed First MetLife Investors Insurance Company, which is now Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of NY, licensed in New York only).
  • Metropolitan Life Insurance Company merges with the then-parent company of New England Life Insurance Company (NELICO); NELICO later becomes one of the insurance company subsidiaries of Brighthouse Financial, Inc.
  • Travelers Insurance Company issues annuity contract that is still in force when Brighthouse Financial launches 57 years later.
  • First annuity contract sold through Travelers Insurance Company, starting the annuity and life insurance product mix that Brighthouse Financial still has today. See our products.
  • Travelers Insurance Company issues life insurance policy that becomes the oldest policy on our books when Brighthouse Financial launches 94 years later.
  • The company Brighthouse Financial traces its roots back to, Travelers Insurance Company, is founded in Hartford, CT.