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We are committed to advancing sustainability across our organization.
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A Message From Our President and CEO

Our commitment to sustainability is embedded in our company’s strategy and culture. Our mission is to help people achieve financial security. With more than 2 million customers, we are proud that many people trust us to help protect what they’ve earned and ensure it lasts. The values displayed by our employees every day – collaboration, adaptability, and passion – shape how we make a positive impact on our distribution partners, their clients, and our communities.

Since becoming an independent, publicly traded company in 2017, we have focused on enhancing our sustainability strategy across our organization, including in the ways we develop and distribute our products; manage our investment portfolio; attract, develop, and retain our talent; support our communities and partners; and impact the environment.

Thank you for your interest in sustainability at Brighthouse Financial. We believe that our focus on sustainability, taking into account the interests of all our stakeholders, will play an important role in creating long-term value, and we look forward to updating you on our progress over time.

Eric Steigerwalt
President and Chief Executive Officer

Eric Steigerwalt, President and CEO of Brighthouse Financial

Sustainability at Brighthouse Financial

We define sustainability as the strategic integration of relevant Environmental, Social, and Governance factors throughout our organization and culture — recognizing that responsible business practices are critical for driving long-term value for our shareholders and promoting a sustainable future for all.

The Brighthouse Financial Office of Sustainability helps guide the development and implementation of our sustainability strategy and initiatives. Led by our Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO), the Sustainability team works cross-functionally with internal business partners to execute our ESG strategy.

ESG Strategic Framework


We strive to build a company that considers and responds to the expectations and interests of all Brighthouse Financial stakeholders, including our customers, distribution partners, employees, institutional investors and other shareholders, regulators, and the communities in which we live and work. Through inclusive research and engagement, we aim to identify and understand the ESG topics that are most relevant to our company and stakeholders.


The Office of Sustainability conducts an ESG materiality assessment to inform our company’s ESG priorities and goals. Through this comprehensive analysis, we believe we can more effectively anticipate unforeseen risks, identify value-based opportunities related to ESG, and drive positive impacts for our company and our stakeholders.


We seek to provide our stakeholders with an accurate and balanced view of our company’s annual ESG performance. As we continue to progress in our sustainability journey, we remain committed to increasing transparency as we enhance our ESG disclosures over time.

Our Priorities

Being a Great Place to Work
Being a Great Place to Work

We recognize our employees as one of our most valuable assets. Our ability to successfully execute our business strategy and deliver on our mission to help people achieve financial security starts with our culture and values, which are brought to life every day by our employees.

To help ensure that Brighthouse Financial remains a great place to work, we collect our employees’ feedback on an ongoing basis and respond to that feedback to optimize the experience of our employees. Learn more about our human capital management strategy, including our initiatives to drive engagement, promote a healthier work-life balance, and provide career-building opportunities for our employees.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

At Brighthouse Financial, we are committed to advancing DEI across our organization and culture through our various business policies and practices, including our talent strategy; employee learning, development, and engagement initiatives; procurement; and strategic partnerships. Learn more by reading our approach to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Advancing Financial Security Through Responsible Products
Advancing Financial Security Through Responsible Products

We believe that life insurance and annuities play an essential role in financial security. Recognizing the various risks that can surface across our company’s value chain – from our marketing practices to our product disclosures – we create streamlined products designed to uphold three core pillars: simplicity, transparency, and competitive value for our customers. Learn more about our approach to responsible product governance and marketing.

Promoting Business Resilience Through Sustainable Operations
Promoting Business Resilience Through Sustainable Operations

Our ability to deliver on our commitments to our stakeholders begins with responsible business practices. Through effective governance, compliance, and risk management; proactive cybersecurity and data privacy programs; and our ongoing commitment to sustainable investment, our approach to operating sustainably promotes business resilience across our full value chain. Learn more about our approach to operating sustainably or access our Governance Documents and Charters.

Climate Change and the Environment
Climate Change and the Environment

Climate change continues to impact communities, economies, and natural ecosystems worldwide. At Brighthouse Financial, we recognize that climate change poses various risks to our company, global financial markets, society, and our planet. We are committed to enhancing our efforts to identify, measure, assess, and manage material climate-related risks to our company as well as the environmental impact of our operations. Learn more about our approach to climate change and environmental stewardship.

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