For Victims of Domestic Violence

In this notice, we may refer to Brighthouse Financial, Inc. by using the terms "us," "we," or "our." Brighthouse Financial, Inc. includes Brighthouse Life Insurance Company, Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of New York, and New England Life Insurance Company (collectively "Brighthouse Financial"). We may refer to an individual covered by a life insurance policy or rider or other coverage with Brighthouse Financial by using the terms "insured," "you," or "your."

Brighthouse Financial understands that victims of domestic abuse or other endangered individuals may want to safeguard their personal information. If you are a victim of domestic violence or other abuse, you may ask us to safeguard your personal information from other individuals, such as the policyholder or others covered under the same policy. You may also ask us to send communications to you by alternative means or at alternative locations.

Please note, Brighthouse Financial accepts these requests from residents of any state.

How to Make a Request

To make a request, please call us at 844-474-8372 and have your personal information (full name, address, telephone number, etc.) ready for our associate to assist you. If you want us to contact you by alternative means (for example, someone else’s mailing address or another e-mail address), please have that information ready as well. Our associate may ask you for additional information, such as your policy number or social security number. You are not required to provide us with this information, but it may help us safeguard your information more quickly. Please note that we have up to three business days to implement the necessary protocols to safeguard your personal information.

If a guardian or legal representative makes a request on an individual’s behalf, our associate may ask for additional documentation to verify their relationship to the individual.

If a legal representative is making this request on the insured’s behalf, please note that we will not implement safeguards until we receive and review Power of Attorney documentation. 

How to Revoke a Request

If you previously submitted a request for confidentiality and would now like to revoke that request, please call us at 844-474-8372.

Additional Information for Residents of New York State

New York State Department of Financial Services Insurance Regulation 168 requires insurers to develop and implement confidentiality protocols to protect the personal information of domestic abuse victims and other endangered individuals. For health insurers, this also must include written procedures by which a person may make a reasonable request to receive communications of claim-related information by alternative means or at alternative locations, and procedures for revoking such a request. As required by the Regulation, a summary of New York Insurance Law Section 2612 (Confidentiality for Domestic Violence Victims and Endangered Individuals) is detailed below.

New York Insurance Law Section 2612 establishes requirements that insurance companies must follow in safeguarding an insured’s personal information from policyholders and other individuals if the insured has an order of protection against them. Specifically, if an individual covered by an insurance policy delivers a valid order of protection to the insurance company, the insurance company must not disclose the individual’s address and/or telephone number to another individual, including the policyholder, for the duration of the order. If the insured is a child, a parent or guardian may request these protections on the child’s behalf.

The section also requires health insurers to accommodate reasonable requests from insureds to receive communications of claim-related information by alternative means or at alternative locations, if the insured clearly states that disclosure of the information could endanger them. If the insured is a child, a parent or guardian may request these provisions on the child’s behalf. Unless they have the consent of the insured, health insurers may not disclose to the policyholder:

  • the insured’s address, telephone number, or any other personally identifying information of the person who made the request or child for whose benefit a request was made,

  • the nature of the health care services provided; or the name or address of the provider of the covered services.


New York State Domestic and Sexual Violence Hotline: 800-942-6906