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Variable Annuities with FlexChoice Access

Lifetime Income with Fewer Compromises

With life expectancies on the rise, pensions becoming a rarity and the volatility of the stock market, planning for retirement is getting more complicated. What's more, continued low interest rates are making it more difficult to generate income in retirement. That’s why it may be a great time for you to consider a Brighthouse Financial variable annuity with the optional FlexChoice Access living benefit rider, which lets you turn a portion of retirement savings into guaranteed income that lasts for life.

Guaranteed Income

A variable annuity is one of the only financial tools that can guarantee income for life, no matter how long you live.

Diversified Investment Options

Invest in asset allocation portfolios or build a customized portfolio from the individual investment options available.

Income Ever After

It's important to know that your spouse can continue to receive the income they need in retirement.

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Growing and Protecting Retirement Income

Annual Compounding
FlexChoice Access uses a Benefit Base to determine future lifetime income. The Benefit Base cannot go down because of market losses, but it has growth potential. The initial investment determines the Benefit Base, which compounds at 5% for the first 10 contract years in years where there are no withdrawals taken, regardless of what happens in the market or to the account value.1

Locking in Market Gains
You can capture market gains through Automatic Step-Ups of your Benefit Base if the account value increases and is greater than the Benefit Base on any contract anniversary prior to your 91st birthday.2

Flexible Withdrawal Options
The amount available for withdrawal is based on the age of the owner, or older owner if jointly owned, at the time of the first withdrawal after age 59½. You can start taking 5.35% or 6% withdrawals at age 65 depending on the choice of two withdrawal options.

Income Ever After for Married Couples
Unlike many retirement income products, with FlexChoice Access the amount of income received is based on the age of the oldest owner. This can mean getting a higher withdrawal rate sooner instead of having to wait years for the younger spouse to "catch up" to a minimum age. With FlexChoice Access, the initial withdrawal rate is the same for married and single clients.3

If something unexpected happens, it's important to know that your spouse can continue to receive the income they need in retirement. With FlexChoice Access, the surviving spouse continues to receive the same income payments they've come to rely on with no interruption.4,5

Personalized Investment Strategy

Designed to Meet Your Needs
One way to help grow the money needed in retirement is to invest in a diversified portfolio to help weather varying market conditions.

Investment Options

FlexChoice Access offers the opportunity for you to design an investment strategy that works for you by selecting from the available asset allocation and risk managed global multi-asset portfolios or choosing to build a more customized portfolio from the individual investment options available.

Asset Allocation Portfolios

Designed to furnish a professionally managed asset allocation that provides automatic diversification

Individual Investment Options

Flexibility to choose investment options aligned to your individual goals

Your financial advisor can help you determine which strategy is right for you.

Investment Education

Learn how building a diversified portfolio with a mix of products and investments can help ensure a level of protection during market volatility, to help you achieve income guarantees in retirement.