Income Annuity


The future looks bright. An income annuity can help you control income and still live the lifestyle you want in retirement.

By reviewing your finances, you can take steps to help ensure you’ll have sufficient income to live a comfortable retirement. Whether you’re looking to diversify your income sources, turn a portion of your assets into a stream of guaranteed lifetime income payments, or help cover some everyday expenses during retirement, a product like the Brighthouse Income Annuity may be right for you.


With a Brighthouse Income Annuity, you can add immediate income for more certainty.

Stable Income

Turn a portion of your retirement assets into immediate and predictable income for you or you and another person. Experience more certainty since fluctuations in the market will have no effect on income payments. 

Design and Customize

Income Payment Options 
You know what your financial priorities are, so you should choose the income payment option that meets your needs. Whether you want the highest income possible, a legacy for loved ones, or retirement income streams for you or you and another person – it’s your choice. 

Increasing Income Option
We all know that the prices you pay for everyday items don’t stay the same. This option provides a hedge against inflation by providing a yearly increase in your income.¹

Early Access Option
Life can sometimes throw you a curveball. And when that happens, you should be able to use your money where it’s needed. The Early Access Option allows access to a portion of your future income during your Liquidity Period, taken as a partial withdrawal.2,3