Brighthouse SecureAdvantage®
6-Year Fixed Index Annuity

Help grow and protect your ‘tomorrow’ money.

Get 100% protection1 for your purchase payment against market downturns with an opportunity to grow the money you’ve earmarked for future expenses.

Why SecureAdvantage® 6-Year?

Learn how SecureAdvantage 6-Year can help you meet the expenses of a long and enjoyable retirement.

Grow your ‘tomorrow’ money.

Feel confident knowing there is 100% protection1 for your purchase payment in the event of market downturns and a death benefit that will help you provide for your loved ones.


Drive potential growth with innovative Annual Sum Index Accounts and a Fixed Account designed to fit your needs.2


Provide clarity for your portfolio with no annual fees and the ability to track values in your contract daily.

How It Works for You

A fixed index annuity (FIA) is designed to help you accumulate retirement assets not through a direct investment in equity markets, but by tracking the performance of well-known market indices.

At the same time, your purchase payment is protected from market volatility, which is especially helpful when you’re close to retirement.

Money You Can Count On

  • 100% protection1 for your purchase payment against market downturns
  • A death benefit that allows you to help provide for your beneficiaries

New Growth Opportunities

  • Innovative Annual Sum® Index Accounts offer a greater opportunity for growth than some FIA products3
  • Opportunity to participate in market gains based on a Cap Rate or Participation Rate
  • Performance Lock lets you secure an index value on any business day4
  • Growth potential is linked to two major market indices – S&P 500® Index and Russell 2000® Index – and the UBS truVol® US target Sectors Index, a custom index exclusive to SecureAdvantage 6-YearA,B,C

A Different Kind of FIA

  • No annual fees
  • On any day throughout the index term, you can track how your contract is performing
  • Free Withdrawal Amount available during each contract year5

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Additional Information


Take the Next Step

Talk to your financial professional about whether SecureAdvantage 6-Year is right for you and how to purchase or to learn more about purchasing this product.

Here are some questions to help you start the conversation:

  1. How do I know if SecureAdvantage 6-Year is a good fit for my portfolio?

  2. Is this product more appropriate for me the closer I am to retirement?

  3. How have the indices SecureAdvantage 6-Year tracks performed historically?

  4. How much of my retirement funds should I consider putting into SecureAdvantage 6-Year?

Use this product brochure to help prepare for the conversation with your financial professional.

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This Brighthouse Financial product can only be purchased through a licensed financial professional.

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