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Our Story

We’re Brighthouse Financial, a company established by MetLife. We are on a mission to help people achieve financial security.

The way we save, invest and plan is evolving.

Our world is changing every day; a company pension is the exception, not the rule, and reaching your 90th birthday isn’t unusual. In these uncertain times, preparing for your retirement has never been so important.


Protect what we’ve earned and ensure it lasts®.

We specialize in annuities and life insurance - two products that play an essential role in helping to protect what you’ve earned and ensure it lasts. They work in tandem with the rest of your portfolio.

We’re Built on a Strong Financial Foundation*
Total Assets

Even though we’re new, we’re one of the largest annuity and life insurance providers in the U.S.

General Account Investments

Our future strength and long-term stability is rooted in a disciplined risk management strategy.


Many people trust us with their most valuable asset: their future.

Insurance Policies & Annuity Contracts

Each represents a promise that we are committed to keeping.

Financial Strength Ratings for Operating Companies as of August 2018
A.M. Best

3rd highest out of 16 ratings


6th highest out of 19 ratings

A3/Upper Medium

7th highest out of 21 ratings


5th highest out of 22 ratings

The future looks bright.

Working with independent financial advisors, we are committed to providing everyone with the opportunity to achieve financial security. We believe that with our focus and dedication, we can provide solutions that help people secure brighter financial futures.

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