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  • Mar 15, 2019

Freedom from Worry: Why I Chose Long-Term Care Coverage

Hear how planning for long-term care costs has helped this woman focus on today, with less worry.


The subject was compensated for her participation. All opinions are her own.

Video Transcript

My name is Leigh Brinkley and I'm 55 years old.

The idea of long-term coverage came into my life when my father was ill. I was the one that actually visited the facilities and had to base recommendations on what was available. We had to consider facilities in a really quick time window for him. And so, for us, it was stressful.

So, once I saw the options, the idea of long-term care was very clear for me because it offered options. It offered an option of home care. It offered an option of facility care. And so, there was so much more flexibility at our disposal – that helped drive the decision for myself and for my husband to get long-term care insurance.

It's a plan for the future that is there and ready when I need it. I can continue just concentrating on being alive and doing the things that I love to do.

I love to cook, garden, and create in my design business. I find peace in the garden when I come home from work – change clothes and walk outside and the world slips away.

One of the things I did in starting the garden, was put things close to the house. So, you just walk out the door, snip off some fresh herbs, and cook away.

The enjoyment of cooking, for me, brings me back to my grandmother’s place. Cooking meant family and it was the center of the universe for our family. I always cook with real food, I garden, and I help with a farmer’s market, so it’s close to my roots.

I think that’s the key is living. I think the long-term care planning really offers me the choice of concentrating on living. I had a great-grandmother that lived to be 101, my grandmother lived to be 102. I could be living a long time on my own.

And I think that’s the part that I like about that is that it offers that comfort level, but then I can go on and focus on the things that are present and things that I want to do for the future.