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  • Mar 01, 2023

Brighthouse Financial Announces Availability of Brighthouse SmartCare® in New York

CHARLOTTE, NC, March 1, 2023

Brighthouse Financial, Inc. (“Brighthouse Financial” or the “company”) (Nasdaq: BHF) announced today the availability of its flagship life insurance product, Brighthouse SmartCare®, in the state of New York.1 The launch of Brighthouse SmartCare in New York further expands Brighthouse Financial’s broad geographic footprint of products as it continues to deliver on its mission to help people achieve financial security.

Introduced in 2019, Brighthouse SmartCare is a hybrid life insurance product that provides a guaranteed death benefit and is designed to help protect clients from the unexpected costs of long-term care (LTC) through guaranteed LTC benefits. According to data from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, 56% of the U.S. population turning 65 today is expected to require LTC, with the average lifetime cost of that care projected to be $298,000.2 In addition, Brighthouse SmartCare offers growth opportunities to potentially increase policy values over time and the ability to lock in LTC benefit amounts at any time.

Key features of Brighthouse SmartCare in New York include:

  • Indexed LTC coverage option, where LTC benefits can be increased by linking the policy to the performance of major market indices; Fixed Growth option, where benefit amounts grow 5% compounded annually, helping to protect against inflation3; and Level option, where benefit amounts remain the same.
  • Payment of LTC benefits over four years through acceleration of death benefits and extension of benefit riders.
  • Retroactive payment of LTC benefits, after a 90-calendar-day eligibility period, to the beginning of the eligibility period.
  • Potential for LTC benefit payments to exceed actual LTC expenses — with no receipts or tracked expenses required — as a result of Brighthouse SmartCare being a cash indemnity policy.4

By providing protection in more ways than one, Brighthouse SmartCare can be an important part of a financial plan as clients prepare for retirement. More information about Brighthouse SmartCare is available at brighthousefinancial.com.

About Brighthouse Financial, Inc.

Brighthouse Financial, Inc. (Brighthouse Financial) (Nasdaq: BHF) is on a mission to help people achieve financial security. As one of the largest providers of annuities and life insurance in the U.S.,5 we specialize in products designed to help people protect what they’ve earned and ensure it lasts. Learn more at brighthousefinancial.com.


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Brighthouse SmartCare® is a life insurance policy that accelerates the death benefit for qualified long-term care services and is not a health insurance policy providing long-term care insurance subject to the minimum requirements of New York Law, does not qualify for the New York State Partnership for Long-Term Care Program, and is not a Medicare supplement policy.

Brighthouse SmartCare® is an indexed universal life insurance policy with long-term care riders issued by, and product guarantees are solely the responsibility of, Brighthouse Life Insurance Company, Charlotte, NC 28277 and, in New York only, by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of NY, New York, NY 10017. All guarantees, including any optional benefits, are subject to the claims-paying ability and financial strength of the issuing insurance company. Each issuing insurance company is solely responsible for its own financial condition and contractual obligations. Brighthouse SmartCare has exclusions, limitations, reduction of benefits, and terms under which the policy may be continued in force or discontinued. For costs and complete details of the coverage, please contact a financial professional. Product availability and features may vary by state or firm.

Brighthouse Financial® and its design are registered trademarks of Brighthouse Financial, Inc. and/or its affiliates.

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