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Shield Level 10


How can you invest for the future while helping to protect your long-term financial and savings goals? 

The Brighthouse Shield Level 10SM Annuity, a single premium deferred annuity from Brighthouse Financial, can help you use a portion of your assets to participate in market growth opportunities with the assurance of some downside protection that many investments can’t provide.

Shield Level 10 can provide some predictability in an unpredictable endeavor – investing. It’s intended to give you the confidence to pursue the retirement you envision.

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Diversify your portfolio and help protect your account value against loss.

A Diversified Approach

Protect Your Retirement Assets
Select a portion of your retirement assets to protect from loss while participating in potential growth opportunities. For the portion of assets placed in the Brighthouse Shield Level 10 Annuity, consider such factors as your investment time horizon, risk tolerance and the withdrawal charge schedule before making your purchase payment.

Participate in Growth Opportunities
Losses in your portfolio can lower its overall value, overshadowing other gains. But you can help protect a portion of your assets while enjoying potential diversified growth opportunities. Shield Level 10 is designed to do just that. It provides a combination of protection and participation as it seeks growth by tracking the index or indices you choose.

Goals-Based Considerations

Allocate a Portion of Your Retirement Assets
You’ll want to consider all the assets you’ve saved for retirement, then only select the portion you’d like to help protect from loss while participating in potential growth opportunities.

Track Your Preferred Index
You have the flexibility to allocate your purchase payment among three indices - S&P 500® IndexA, Russell 2000® IndexB, and MSCI EAFE IndexC – each with a one-year term that provides a 10% level of protection.2

Your Shield Option at Work

Pursue Potential Growth Opportunities
Your Shield Option combines the 10% level of protection, called a Shield Rate, with a Maximum Growth Opportunity (MGO)3, or Step Rate, if desired. The MGO is the maximum percentage earned for your term. Step Rates will vary.