Shield Level Selector®Annuities


How can you invest for the future without compromising your long-term financial and savings goals?

Shield Level Selector® Annuity and Shield Level Selector® 3‐Year Annuity, single premium deferred annuities from Brighthouse Financial, help you use a portion of your assets to participate in market growth opportunities with the assurance of downside protection that many investments can’t provide.

These Brighthouse Financial products, collectively referred to as Shield Annuities, provide some predictability in an unpredictable endeavor – investing. They are intended to give you the confidence to pursue the retirement you envision.

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Diversify your portfolio and help protect your account value against loss.

A Diversified Approach

Protect Your Retirement Assets
Select a portion of your retirement assets to protect from loss while participating in potential growth opportunities. For the portion of assets you’ve decided to place in a Brighthouse Shield Annuity, consider such factors as your investment time horizon, risk tolerance, and the withdrawal charge schedule before making your selection.    

Participate in Growth Opportunities
Losses in your portfolio can lower its overall value, overshadowing other gains. But you can help protect a portion of your assets while enjoying potential diversified growth opportunities. Brighthouse Shield Annuities are designed to do just that. They provide a combination of protection and participation as they seek growth by tracking the index or indices you choose.

Personalize Your Strategy
You have the flexibility to tailor your Brighthouse Shield Annuity to meet your needs and risk tolerance. Not all indices and terms are available with every Shield Rate, but there are a variety of combinations to choose from.

Goals-Based Considerations

Choose the Level of Protection – Shield Rate2
Based on your needs, choose a Shield Rate2 or level of protection (10%, 15%, 25%, or 100%) from loss.1,3 We will then absorb the first 10%, 15%, 25%, or 100% of any index loss, and your account value will only be reduced by any negative performance beyond the level of protection.  

Pursue Potential Growth Opportunities
Shield Options combine the Shield Rate2 with a Maximum Growth Opportunity (MGO) — "Cap Rate" in the contract and prospectus — or Step Rate, if desired. The MGO is the maximum percentage earned for your term. Not all indices and terms are available with every Shield Rate and MGO and Step Rates will vary. 

Tailored Strategy

Decide the Term and Index
1-, 3-, or 6-year terms available. Shield Annuities are index-linked annuities, which don’t invest directly in the chosen index or indices but rather track their performance. A selection of up to five market indices are available:  S&P 500® IndexA, Russell 2000® IndexB, NASDAQ‐100 Index®C, MSCI EAFE IndexD, and the Bloomberg Commodity Index.SM,E