Fixed Annuity


Get guaranteed growth and protection for your retirement savings.

A fixed annuity can be a good way to protect a portion of your retirement savings while earning guaranteed growth year after year. With the Fixed Annuity FA, there's no need to worry about market volatility because your savings aren’t exposed to the markets.


With a Fixed Annuity FA you can get guarantees and protection on your terms.

Flexible Options

Choice of Guarantee Periods and Renewal Options2
You choose the Guarantee Period (5, 7 or 103 years) that best fits your needs. Once the period ends, you can renew it or choose a different period and take advantage of other options.

Retain Access to Your Assets
Unexpected needs arise, which is why you can withdraw portions of your account value. A withdrawal charge and a limited Market Value Adjustment (MVA) may apply.4 Under special circumstances, you can access your assets without a withdrawal charge or an MVA.5

Legacy Planning
Make sure that when you pass away, your beneficiaries receive the full account value with no withdrawal charge or Market Value Adjustment. If your spouse is your primary beneficiary, he or she can choose to assume ownership of the annuity. 

Guaranteed Income 
Turn your assets into a steady stream of income payments that will last for as long as you want, or as long as you live. This income is guaranteed to remain the same, even if the market declines.6