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  • Aug 31, 2017

Retirement Resources to Bookmark, Read, or Download

People described the kinds of online tools they find most helpful in retirement planning. We found these financial resources.

The internet offers a nearly endless supply of financial resources to help plan for retirement. To help focus the search, we conducted research among people who own a mix of financial products to understand the types of online resources they use and the information they want.1

Here are four tools that address common retirement planning needs.

An all in one Retirement Guide

What the panel wants:  Broad guidance on retirement planning, as well as detailed information on specific topics without having to jump from site to site.

Resource: CNN Money’s Ultimate Guide to Retirement

Bookmark this comprehensive collection of articles, which covers everything from the basics of saving and budgeting to details about retirement savings accounts, Social Security benefits, and financial products such as mutual funds, life insurance, and annuities.

Glossary of Important Financial Terms

What the panel wants: A reference that’s approachable, easy to understand, and starts with the basics.

Resource: Investopedia's Online Dictionary

Bookmark this alphabetical list of financial terms to quickly find definitions for everything from accelerated dividends to zero-coupon bonds.

Tip: Use the site’s search box to find longer articles on specific concepts or to explore products in depth.

Helpful Retirement Savings Worksheets

What the panel wants: A format that helps organize their thinking and develop questions to ask their advisor.

Resource: The U.S. Department of Labor’s Taking the Mystery Out of Retirement Planning

Download and print this workbook to help estimate current and projected future retirement savings, identify potential gaps in your investment mix or income sources, and develop a plan to adjust as necessary.

Tip: Check out the worksheets that calculate how factors such as inflation and different rates of interest or investment returns might affect future expenses and income.

Social Security Benefits Calculator

What the panel wants: Online calculators that, with just a few clicks, quickly deliver a number they can use in their planning.

Resource: Social Security Quick Calculator

Use this interactive calculator to estimate anticipated Social Security benefits based on a potential retirement date—in either today’s dollars or adjusted for inflation.

Use these retirement planning resources in combination with retirement advice from your financial professional. To make the most of your relationship, read our tips for creating a strong, two-way collaboration.