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  • May 14, 2020

The Coral Conservationist: Onett’s Story

Watch how he dives into his plans for retirement

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Onett's Story

  • Name: Onett
  • Former profession: Technology sales executive
  • Dream retirement role: Help restore the coral in Key West, FL, through a quick-grow laboratory technique called microfragmentation

Why he can’t wait for retirement:

“There’s a lot of places where vibrant coral used to be and it’s not there anymore. It would make me feel great to be able to make a difference.”

- Onett

Retirement concern:

“Suppose something happened catastrophically, medically – am I prepared for that?”

- Onett

Best advice from the financial planner:

"Many times people buy insurance for protection … [but] once we reach retirement, and we don’t have any liabilities or bills, there’s other risks – long-term care events, longevity risks. If you don’t need the resources for your family to maintain their standard of living, you can have your policy help organizations [you’re passionate about]."

- Onett

How common is the need for long-term care services?

1 in 2 Americans will need long-term care services at some point

Onett is ready. Now it’s your turn.

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