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  • 2-Minute Video
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  • Nov 05, 2019

Pursuing Passions: The Woodworker

See how Mira carries on her family’s renowned legacy by giving trees new life as heirloom-quality furniture.

  • Name: Mira Nakashima
  • Years as woodworker: 45+ years
  • Notable design: Concordia Chair, designed for the exuberant playing style of the musicians in the Concordia Chamber Players in New Hope, PA
  • Generations that have been part of the family business: Four

Most of the trees that we use are trees that nobody wants anymore… We cut them into lumber and we give them another life and I guess that’s our mission to keep that cycle of life continuing.

Mira, a retiree and woodworker

You slice through the log and you see more and more of the inside of this tree which has never seen daylight before. No human being has ever seen before. It’s pretty exciting.

A retiree pursuing her passion in woodworking

When you first cut a tree, you don’t know what it’s gonna do inside…that’s what’s exciting about it… The final result is usually a nice surprise; you don’t expect it to be quite as beautiful as it was.

A retiree who spends retirement woodworking

It seems like with each coat of oil, you can see deeper and deeper and deeper into the tree.

A retiree pursuing her passion in retirement

People can learn to be patient from trees. I think that's the important lesson that you have go with the flow … if you're strong enough, you will stay standing until your time is up.

A retiree who has appreciation for woodworking