• 2-Minute Video
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  • Mar 12, 2019

Pursuing Passions: The Swimmers

Watch how The Harlem Honeys & Bears synchronized swim team is changing lives and winning hearts in retirement.

  • Team name: The Harlem Honeys & Bears Swim Team
  • Founded: 1979
  • Signature moves: Pyramid, Sailor’s Delight, Accordion
  • Proudest achievement: Empire State Senior Games champions in synchronized swimming
  • How they give back: Weekly “Youth Learn to Swim” program offering free lessons
  • Critical skill: Trusting your teammates
  • Unexpected upside: Inspiring people of all ages to learn to swim and stay active
  • Oldest team member: Latisse, 96
  • Retired professions: Biology teacher, dental hygienist, stay-at-home mom, police officer, nurse

Dami, a retiree and long-distance hiker

Synchronized swimming changes that image [of what being older looks like]. … Seniors have to change the image themselves and let folks see that they can do things people wouldn’t think that they would be able to do. – LeRoy


It was always [about] my husband, the kids, my mother, and work. Now all of a sudden, it’s about me. – Jean

This is a job I look forward to. I don’t get paid, but a dollar can’t match the compensation you get from being in the water, learning, teaching, and being loved. – Monica, Team Captain