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  • May 14, 2020

The Fossil Hunters: Devin and Sheila’s Story

Watch how they are digging into their passion in retirement.

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Devin and Sheila’s Story

  • Name: Devin and Sheila
  • Former profession: Attorney (Devin), social worker (Sheila)
  • Dream retirement role: Spending months at a time hunting dinosaur fossils

Why they can’t wait for retirement:

“We’ve done some amazing things out in the field and we are on the cusp of having a brand-new life.”

- Devin

Retirement concern:

“In order to hunt fossils, you have to have cash flow.

- Sheila

Best advice from the financial professional:

“Retirees have different types of risks to address – stock market volatility, inflation risk. We need to make sure you have money that will grow to enjoy the activities and passions that are important to you today as well as in the future.”

- Financial Professional

When it comes to market volatility impacting retirement, it can pay to think long term.

Average Investor’s Equity Performance

Devin and Sheila are ready – now it’s your turn.

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