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Recruiting Fraud Alert

We've been made aware that there are active job recruiting schemes using the Brighthouse Financial name and logo. The fraudsters behind these schemes often send unsolicited texts and emails containing fake names, phone numbers, and email addresses in an attempt to encourage you to share personal or financial information with them. However, in these cases, you’re not being considered for a job opportunity with Brighthouse Financial as these roles are fraudulent, and the individuals extending the fake job offers are not affiliated with Brighthouse Financial.

Brighthouse Financial conducts its own recruitment and any legitimate communication will always come from an @brighthousefinancial.com email address. We encourage candidates to apply directly on our website.

Current schemes:
  • Imposters posing as Brighthouse Financial recruiters requesting that candidates apply to roles, particularly those for customer assistance representatives, data entry clerks, and personal assistants.
  • Interview requests made through Skype accounts or text messages.
  • Fake offer letters asking for personal information, such as Social Security numbers and bank account details.
  • Requests for payment in exchange for office equipment such as laptops.
How to check the validity of a Brighthouse Financial role:
  • If you receive a suspicious communication about an opportunity at Brighthouse Financial, please reach out to us at talentacquisition@brighthousefinancial.com.
  • Visit our careers page to view our current openings.
  • Look for whether the email came from an @brighthousefinancial.com email address. Any legitimate communication from Brighthouse Financial will end with @brighthousefinancial.com.
If you've provided any sensitive information to an imposter in response to a fake job offer, you can take the following steps:
  • Notify the various credit bureaus, as well as your bank, that your information has been compromised.
  • Initiate a credit freeze with the credit bureaus to help protect against fraudulent use of your information.
  • Notify Brighthouse Financial at talentacquisition@brighthousefinancial.com.