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Premier Accumulator Universal Life


Satisfy your life insurance need, and get your money working harder.

Discover the option that can help protect your family and provide a growth opportunity without subjecting your money to market fluctuations.

Premier Accumulator Universal Life (PAUL) offers a combination of death benefit protection and the potential to deliver high returns.


Add predictability to your portfolio with growth potential, availability, and coverage.


Get Your Money Working Harder
In today’s low rate environment, PAUL offers growth potential through interest credits that are not directly affected by market fluctuations.  

Concerned About Taxes?
A PAUL policy is considered tax-favored, which means you don’t pay taxes on your money while it accumulates. In most cases, you can pass the benefit down to your beneficiaries tax-free.


Greater Access to Your Money, If Needed
In many cases PAUL allows access to almost 100% - and in some cases over 100% - of your money at the end of the first policy year, based on current non-guaranteed rates. 

Satisfy Needs While You’re Alive
PAUL lets you use the money in your policy for the things both planned and unplanned, such as a child’s college education, supplemental retirement income, or emergency situations.


Protection That Lasts a Lifetime
As long as premiums are paid, PAUL will stay with you no matter how long you live. And when you’re no longer around, it provides money that can be passed on to your loved ones, or donated to your favorite charities.

Comfort in Knowing They’re Secure

PAUL can help your family continue their lifestyle if you’re no longer around. The life insurance coverage can help replace lost income, pay off a mortgage, or provide for a child’s college education.