Index-Linked Annuities

An index-linked annuity can help you add a level of protection and growth opportunities for your retirement savings, giving you more confidence that you’ll be able to do more of what you love in retirement.

Shield Level Annuities Product Suite1

A best-selling family of Index-Linked Annuities2


Shield® Level Annuities

Shield Level annuities help use a portion of your retirement assets to participate in market growth opportunities with a level of downside protection other investment products may not provide – all with no annual fees.3

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Shield Level Pay Plus® Annuities

Shield Level Pay Plus annuities are index-linked annuities that provide market growth opportunities coupled with a level of downside protection and, when you’re ready, guaranteed income that lasts for life.4

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How to Buy a Brighthouse Financial Annuity

Annuity products from Brighthouse Financial can only be purchased through a financial professional. Some questions that can help you begin a conversation with your financial professional are:5

  1. Do I have a diverse balance of income sources that’s right for the retirement I want?

  2. Will my essential expenses be covered with my current income sources, or could there be a gap I need to address?

  3. If an annuity is recommended for me, which type would complement my portfolio?

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Brighthouse Financial® is on a mission to help people achieve financial security.

Trusted by over 2 million customers and with over 2 million annuity contracts and life insurance policies in force,6 Brighthouse Financial® is proud to be a Fortune® 500 company7 and one of the largest providers of annuities and life insurance in the U.S.8

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