Guaranteed Level Term
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Guaranteed Level Term


Protecting their loved ones is why so many people turn to life insurance.

A simple and powerful protection solution, Brighthouse Guaranteed Level Term was designed to provide predictability, with level premiums and coverage amounts guaranteed to stay the same for the level premium period your client chooses—10, 15, 20, or 301 years.


Guaranteed protection that offers clients flexibility, customization, and value to fit their needs.


Taking Care of Clients’ Many Needs
Brighthouse Guaranteed Level Term provides a death benefit that can help their family continue to live the life they are accustomed to. It can replace lost income, pay off a mortgage, or provide for a child’s college education. It can even create a legacy for the next generation.

If Your Clients’ Needs Change
Brighthouse Guaranteed Level Term lets them convert to a permanent policy that protects their family for a lifetime. If they choose to convert, they can keep their original health rating, even if their health has changed.


Add Optional Riders
Much like adding custom features when purchasing a new car, riders can be added to a base policy to tailor a client's coverage.

When Life Happens
Riders can help cover your client for life’s unexpected changes, such as waiving their premiums if they become disabled, or provide access to their death benefit early if they become terminally ill.


More for The Money
With coverage amounts starting at $1 million, Brighthouse Guaranteed Level Term offers a simple way for your clients to take care of their loved ones and provides the most coverage for their money, compared to permanent life insurance.

Premiums Won’t Change
With Brighthouse Guaranteed Level Term, premiums will not increase during your clients’ level premium periods — whether a 10, 15, 20, or 301 year term.

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