Fixed Annuity
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Fixed Annuity


Get guaranteed growth and protection for your clients’ retirement savings.

A fixed annuity can be a good way to protect a portion of your clients’ retirement savings while earning them guaranteed growth year after year. With the Fixed Annuity FA, your clients' savings aren't exposed to the markets, so there's no need to worry about market volatility.


With the Fixed Annuity FA your clients can get guarantees and protection on their terms.

Tax Deferred

Keep More with Tax Deferral1
Earnings from investments or bank accounts, such as stocks, mutual funds, or savings accounts, are usually taxable each year. Because the Fixed Annuity FA is tax deferred, your clients don’t pay taxes on interest earned until they make a withdrawal. In the meantime, their assets earn interest, their interest earns interest, and the money they would have otherwise paid to taxes earns interest. 

Flexible Options

Choice of Guarantee Periods and Renewal Options²
From the available options, your client chooses the Guarantee Period (5, 7 or 103 years) that best fits their needs. Once the period ends, they can renew it or choose a different period. 

Retain Access to Assets
Unexpected needs arise, which is why your client can withdraw portions of their account value. A withdrawal charge and a limited Market Value Adjustment (MVA) may apply.4 Under special circumstances, your client can access their assets without a withdrawal charge or an MVA.5

Legacy Planning
If a client should pass away before the Guarantee Period is over, their beneficiaries will receive the full account value with no withdrawal charge or MVA. If their spouse is their primary beneficiary, they can choose to assume ownership of the annuity.  

Guaranteed Income 
Turn your clients’ assets into a steady stream of income payments that will last for a specified period of time, or as long as they live. This income is guaranteed to remain the same, even if the market declines.

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