• 2-Minute Video
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  • Oct 23, 2019

Pursuing Passions: The Cake Artist

Watch Karen’s story and see how her unique cake art is sculpting her retirement.

  • Name: Karen
  • How long she’s been doing cake art: 14 years
  • Unconventional materials used to make cakes: Power drills, paint brushes, threaded rod, nuts and bolts, and pieces of wood
  • Fun fact: She taught ballroom dancing at age 16
  • What’s ahead for Karen: She’s developing a line of serving pieces with a friend

For my 55th birthday, I wanted to make a cake for myself. I wanted [it] to represent the way I want to approach the future, which is with courage and with confidence and with pride.

Karen, a retiree and cake artist

I think that I'm on the cutting edge of a generation that looks at retirement differently… I don't imagine… there's a time that I want to stop [creating].

Karen, a retiree, enjoys baking and decorating cakes

Art is the human drive to communicate…it’s what makes me happy. It really feels like my purpose.

Karen, a retiree who is opening her own business

Cake is a great storyteller...it sits right in the center [of a room]…and says everything about why we’ve gathered together.

Karen, a retiree who spends retirement baking and decorating cakes